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[ profile] yoyoangel and I will be doing more walking round London in 2015, and have settled on some provisional (but likely) dates. We've got a small bit of the Green London Way walk to finish off (in two afternoon sections), and then we're going to go back to the London Loop. I've done the whole thing, but [ profile] yoyoangel only joined us mid-way through and missed the last two sections in 2011, and I'm very happy to re-do it.

The two Green London Way sections will be 2pm - 5pm (ish) afternoon walks. The London Loop sections are further out of London and tend to require a full day to complete, so I'm scheduling them as 10am to 5pm (ish) sections on a Saturday. As always, timings will be dependent on how fast we actually walk. ;-)

So, the plan is as follows:

* Sun 22 March, 2pm - 5pm: Stoke Newington to Cambridge Heath via Victoria Park on the Green London Way (6 miles).
* Mon 6 April (Easter Monday), 2pm - 5pm: Cambridge Heath to Stratford, with optional stroll through the Olympic Park to our place for celebratory 'we finished the Green London Way!' drinks (6 miles).

* Sat 9 May, 10am - 5pm: Chigwell to Harold Wood on the London Loop (11 miles).
* Sat 6 June, 10am - 5pm: Harold Wood to Purfleet on the London Loop (13 miles).
* Sat 4 July, 10am - 5pm: Erith to Old Bexley on the London Loop (9 miles).
* Sat 22 August, 10am - 5pm: Old Bexley to Petts Wood on the London Loop (8 miles).
* Sat 5 September, 10am - 5pm: Petts Wood to Hayes on the London Loop (9 miles).
* Sat 3 October, 10am - 5pm: Hayes to Hamsey Green on the London Loop (9 miles).

Please feel free to join us!
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