Mar. 5th, 2013

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As regular readers of this blog will know - largely because it's pretty much all I posted about - that year, [ profile] lizw, [ profile] yoyoangel and I did the Lea Valley Walk. With the onset of Spring, and thus enough daylight to get a decent number of miles walked while you can still see where you're treading, we're planning our next big project.

This time (probably over the course of the next couple of years), we're tackling the Green London Way. This, not to be confused with the Green Chain Walk, is a circuit around London, broadly following the same route as the Capital Ring, but much older, having originally been created in 1991. It's 110 miles all the way round, and divided into 18 sections, some of which we may do two of at a time on longer days. Unlike the Lea Valley Walk or the London Loop, there are no signposts for the Green London Way on the ground; we'll be entirely working off directions and the maps in the book of the route.

We'll be joined for the route by [ profile] silkyraven, who's been a frequent walker on many of the walks we've done in the past. Anyone else who'd like to join us is more than welcome; because this walk is more urban than previous ones (while still taking in plenty of parks, woods, and other off-road walking), there are good opportunities for doing part of the walk and stopping early if you get tired.

Provisional dates for this year are as follows. To accommodate various people's commitments they're a mixture of Saturdays, Sundays with a morning start and early afternoon finish, Sundays with an afternoon start, and a Bank Holiday Monday:

* Sunday 21 April afternoon
* Monday 6 May (May Day Bank Holiday)
* Saturday 22 June
* Saturday 13 July
* Saturday 31 August
* Sunday 29 September afternoon
* Sunday 27 October morning
* Sunday 10 November morning

I look forward to seeing many of you on at least some of the sections.


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